H2ME News

EU flagship project Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) reaches key milestone, with hydrogen-powered vehicles travelling over 8 million kilometres to date


Demonstrates vital importance of hydrogen to achieving zero-emission mobility; progress to be discussed at Hydrogen for Clean Transport Conference Loughborough, […]

Fill up with hydrogen in Middle Franconia: A new station for Schnelldorf


Drivers of electric cars with fuel cells benefit from more and more hydrogen filling stations as the hydrogen supply network […]

The new Danish government takes the lead against climate changes and creates momentum for Hydrogen


With the single most ambitious climate and energy policies in the world the newly elected Danish government firmly reinforces the […]

Three reasons why the IEA report on hydrogen is a game-changer


The International Energy Agency’s groundbreaking new report on hydrogen, launched this month on the margins of the meeting of G20 […]

Hydrogen Fill-Ups Now Available in Herten


  Herten,14 June 2019 | Drivers of fuel-cell powered electric cars can now refuel at a hydrogen (H2) station in […]

Denmark’s first Nexo


A new FCEV has arrived in Denmark. It is the long-awaited Hyundai Nexo. Jørn Rosenlund, Senior Vice President in Nel […]

Hydrogen For Clean Transport Conference, 25th October 2019 – Agenda announcement


    Hydrogen for Clean Transport will showcase the advances made by hydrogen technology in the transport sector and discuss […]

The World’s First Solar-Powered Hydrogen Refuelling Station Inaugurated in Mariestad


Mariestad municipality is the first in the world to open an off-grid solar-powered hydrogen producing and filling station. On May […]

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