Hydrogen Mobility Europe was a flagship project giving fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) drivers access to the first truly pan-European network of hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS).

H2ME 1

29 stations

>300 cars and vans

€70m total cost

€32m funding

Started June 2015

H2ME 2

20 stations

>1100 cars, vans and trucks

€100m total cost

€35m funding

Started May 2016

49 stations

>1400 cars and vans

€170m total cost

€67m funding

>40 organisations

A major European activity!

The H2ME1 project started in 2015 and ran through to the middle of 2020. This 5 year project increased the number of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) operating on Europe’s roads and lead in the creation of a pan-European hydrogen fuelling station network. With over 300 vehicles and 29 state of the art refuelling stations being deployed HRS in 9 European countries between 2015-2023, the project was one of the most ambitious coordinated hydrogen deployment project attempted in Europe to date.

The H2ME2 project launched in May 2016 built on this expertise. It significantly expanded the European hydrogen vehicles fleet by delivering close to 1,400 vehicles (FCEVs and FC vans) and 49+ HRS in 9 European countries between 2015-2023. The H2ME projects therefore confirmed the technical and commercial readiness of vehicles, fuelling stations and hydrogen production techniques. With its more than 1,100 cars, vans and trucks and 20 HRS, H2ME2 developed recommendations and identified any gaps that could stand in the way of full commercialisation and collated the results to support future investments.

Together the H2ME1 and H2ME2 projects demonstrated the breadth and depth of the commitment to hydrogen-fuelled road transport as a pan-European solution to the need to have viable, competitive, alternatives to fossil fuels.