BMW iX5 Hydrogen Enters Production: Behind The Scenes Look


BMW has long considered hydrogen-powered vehicles as an alternative to gas-powered ones. And despite conventional leanings towards electrification, BMW continues to invest in alternatives. They’re not alone – BMW has cooperated with Toyota since early 2013 to pursue greener pastures. Today, BMW announced the beginning of small-series production of its BMW iX5 Hydrogen model. Offering similar efficiency and performance as a comparable PHEV, the iX5 Hydrogen’s production marks a historic landmark for BMW and hydrogen-fueled vehicles.


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But this is not BMW’s first foray into the world of hydrogen cars. In 2006 they built the Hydrogen 7, another small series of cars. In case you don’t remember, the E65/66 7 Series had a version that used hydrogen instead of petrol or diesel to get around. It was only built in 100 units and was presented as a sort of experiment to the public, to show that hydrogen can be really be used on passenger cars. The remarkable thing about this vehicle was that it was actually using an internal combustion engine that burned hydrogen instead of getting energy from it via fuel cells.


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