Dijon Métropole Smart EnergHy (DMSE) – Development of the hydrogen infrastructure of the metropolis of Dijon




• Dijon Métropole is implementing a complete zero-emission hydrogen ecosystem

• McPhy will supply two stations with a capacity of 400 kg of hydrogen per day each, connected to a 1 MW high-power electrolyzer

Four distribution terminals for both heavy and light vehicles will thus be available to supply the zero-emission vehicles of the collectivity and its partners. This fleet of hydrogen vehicles will initially be made up of 27 buses, 9 garbage trucks and around 15 light vehicles. The project is expected to reach a total of 200 buses, 50 garbage trucks and 250 light vehicles by 2030.

This project stands out for the positive energy loop it will create in the heart of the Dijon metropolitan area. The electrolyzer connected to produce hydrogen on site will be powered 90% by electricity from a household waste incinerator and the remaining 10% will come from locally produced renewable energies. Consequently, the “Dijon Nord” project will enable the recovery of so-called “fatal” electricity, which would have been lost if it had not been used to power this ecosystem, and avoid nearly 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year.


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