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Meet H2ME partners at this year’s EVS32 in Lyon


H2ME partners are representing the H2 sector at EVS32 with Symbio, Michelin, ENGIE, Element Energy, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water […]

Third Hydrogen Refuelling Station Opens in Iceland


In an inauguration event held on May 16th, Iceland opened its third hydrogen refuelling station in Reykjavik. This is the […]

To refuel hydrogen now also possible in Fuerth, Southern Germany


Drivers of FCEV’s can refuel at more and more petrol stations in Europe: H2 MOBILITY Germany and its shareholders Shell […]

New FCEV-taxis launched in Copenhagen


Frederiksberg, 1st May, 2019 From now on it will be easier for Danish taxi passengers to choose sustainability when hailing […]

Germany’s 64th hydrogen station opens in Hannover-Laatzen


H2 Mobility Deutschland and its shareholders Shell and Air Liquide have jointly opened a hydrogen station in Hannover-Laatzen, bringing the […]

New H2ME funded HRS open in Leverkusen, Germany


North Rhine-Westphalia’s ninth station was opened in Leverkusen, Germany. The new hydrogen Station  was built using technology supplied by Air Liquide. […]

H2ME visit to the French zero emisson valley (Article from Le Dauphine Libere)


There is a lot of know-how about hydrogen in France. And the main actors can be found in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. There are the CEA, Michelin, […]

Stakeholder Forum 2018 : Hydrogen is ready and set to power Europe


“Hydrogen is a key technology for achieving Europe’s climate and energy goals. Its potential benefits for the environment, consumers and […]

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