H2ME News

Long-Distance driving with a hydrogen fuel cell car


Europe’s network of hydrogen fuelling stations is continually expanding. In practice though, is it really possible to drive a hydrogen […]

Madrid to replace 1,000 cabs with hydrogen fuel cell taxis


The taxi association Federación Profesional del Taxi de Madrid (FPTM) wants to replace at least 1,000 internal combustion vehicles with […]

KINTO introduces all-new Toyota Mirai for car-sharing services in Sweden


KINTO, is introducing the all-new Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle to its KINTO Share fleet in Sweden KINTO Share is […]

Hydrogen as a key future technology for BMW production site in Leipzig, Germany


Leipzig. The BMW Group has clear goals for effective climate protection and sustainable mobility up to the year 2030 – and […]

Toyota Mirai breaks world record for distance driven with one fill of hydrogen


The new Toyota Mirai has increased the world record distance to over 1000 km After breaking the record, Mirai was […]

Fuel cell technology shines sustainable light on the Eiffel Tower


Power provided by EODev GEH2 generator, featuring Toyota’s fuel cell technology Green lighting symbolises the use of carbon free renewable […]

Hydrogen refuelling stations network in the Observer Countries of H2ME


A lot is happening in the Observer Countries of the H2ME project. Meanwhile, the fourth publicly accessible hydrogen filling station […]

Pillars of Progress: Mobility – Bringing hydrogen compression to the next level


Hydrogen-fuelled vehicles could help the drive to a greener European future. But to be used as vehicle fuel, gaseous hydrogen […]

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