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Hydrogen refuelling now available in Meerane, Germany


Drivers of fuel-cell vehicles can refuel at an ever-increasing number of filling stations_ H2 MOBILITY Deutschland and its partners Shell […]

Various use-cases for hydrogen refuelling stations


Hydrogen is a powerful energy carrier. It has three times more energy per kilogram than petroleum. Its power can therefore […]

German 24-Hour Hydrogen Rally


Over 24 hours, participants will have the opportunity to drive around the country, bond over their love of the Autobahn […]

Hydrogen Europe publishes position paper on the revision of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive


In the context of the revision of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFID) 2014/94/EU, in particular in view of the […]

Opportunities for hydrogen energy technologies considering the national energy & climate plans


The study analyses the role of hydrogen in the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) and identifies and highlights opportunities for hydrogen […]

Fuel cell drive as an important step in the development of the ‘Power of Choice’.


Munich. The development of alternative, CO2-free powertrains is a top priority for the BMW Group. Today, Federal Minister of Economics […]

A Historic Day for the Hydrogen Sector and the Beginning of a New Industrial Era


With great enthusiasm, Hydrogen Europe welcomes today’s publication of “Powering a climate-neutral economy: An EU Strategy for Energy System Integration” […]

A Hydrogen Strategy for a climate neutral Europe Q&A of the European Comission


Hydrogen can be used as a feedstock, a fuel or an energy carrier and storage, and has many possible applications […]

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