BMW Group produces fuel cell systems.


In developing fuel cells, the BMW Group is focusing on an alternative emissions-free technology that will in future be implemented in the small-series BMW iX5 Hydrogen. Production of the hydrogen drive component has now begun.

BWM Group Fuel Cell Systems
BWM Group Fuel Cell Systems


As it starts production of fuel cell systems developed in-house, BMW Group is taking the next step toward sustainable electromobility. The ground-breaking combination of fuel cell and high-performance battery in the vehicle offers an intriguing carbon-free alternative to electric drive forms already in place, in a system that is suitable for day-to-day use. In doing so the company is providing another sustainable, worthwhile drive option – meaning more emissions-free options in everyday mobility.

The advantages of this alternative technology are clear: “As a versatile energy source, hydrogen has a key role to play on the road to climate neutrality. And it will also gain substantially in importance as far as personal mobility is concerned. We think hydrogen-powered vehicles are ideally placed technologically to fit alongside battery-electric vehicles and complete the electric mobility picture,” says Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “By commencing small-scale production of fuel cells today, we are demonstrating the technical maturity of this type of drive system and underscoring its potential for the future.”

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