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Hydrogen mobility pioneer, Hype, is entering a new phase with HysetCo’s acquisition of major taxi firm Slota


More than €80 million in funds were raised thanks to the arrival of four new financial partners, which have joined […]

Completion of the first phase of Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME)


Download the press release in English, French or German.               The entire report could be downloaded […]

Hydrogen refuelling station in Munich


Drivers of fuel cell electric vehicles have more and more filling stations to choose from: H2 MOBILITY Deutschland and its […]

Digital roundtable on hydrogen mobility brings together leading MEPs, government representatives and hydrogen experts


A high-level roundtable on hydrogen mobility took place on Tuesday 17th November, bringing together MEPs, government representatives and experts on […]

Michelin hails the France hydrogen strategy plan and reaffirms its hydrogen goals.


French technological building blocks for hydrogen mobility, Michelin is already involved through Symbio, its subsidiary co-owned with Faurecia. The new […]

Hydrogen refuelling now available in Meerane, Germany


Drivers of fuel-cell vehicles can refuel at an ever-increasing number of filling stations_ H2 MOBILITY Deutschland and its partners Shell […]

Various use-cases for hydrogen refuelling stations


Hydrogen is a powerful energy carrier. It has three times more energy per kilogram than petroleum. Its power can therefore […]

German 24-Hour Hydrogen Rally


Over 24 hours, participants will have the opportunity to drive around the country, bond over their love of the Autobahn […]

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