Toyota Launches All-New Crown in Japan. Reinventing the Sedan with a New Style for Both Personal and Business Purposes.


Last year, Toyota announced four new Crown models representing a “Crown for a new era.” Rather than simply sticking to a sedan design, the development entailed a thorough reexamination of what the Crown is about. While inheriting the Crown’s DNA of innovation and pushing the limits, the new models align with the diverse values and lifestyles of customers. The first to be released was the Crossover, a vehicle combining a sedan and an SUV.

Toyota Japan Crown (Sedan type)
Toyota Japan Crown (Sedan type)


Since the development was revisiting the Crown’s origins and the original Crown had been a sedan, the team also decided to build a new Sedan type. They created a car that offers excellent ride comfort and a high-quality driving experience, as well as a relaxing space meeting the needs of chauffeured cars. The new style redefines the traditional sedan, a reinvention reaching for new value as the “new formal” serving both personal and business purposes.

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