H2ME News

EU flagship H2ME demonstrates the need to be more ambitious about hydrogen mobility


International roundtable of public authorities and industry representatives from multiple European countries highlights the possibility of rolling-out hydrogen fuel cell […]

New Danish Climate Plan: Sale of fossil fuelled cars will stop


On Monday October 9th, the Danish government has announced its new climate and air plan, called ‘Together for a greener […]

H2ME as part of this year’s HFC Nordics Conference


15 years ago, Iceland built the first commercial hydrogen station (and hosted the first HFC Nordic). In 2018, as part […]

H2ME partner WaterstofNet announces 8 new hydrogen refuelling stations in the Benelux


A consortium consisting of the H2ME partner WaterstofNet as coordinator and Colruyt Group, PitPoint, Shell and Rijkswaterstaat as partners joins […]

Danish politicians focus on hydrogen cars


The popular Danish television program ”Langt fra Borgen”, which is a news program focusing on political issues, from the Danish […]

50th Hydrogen Refueling Station Opened in Potsdam, Germany


With the commissioning of the 50th public hydrogen filling station, the partners H2 MOBILITY, Linde and TOTAL celebrated an important […]

Copenhagen puts FCVs on the agenda


The lord mayor of Copenhagen, Mr. Frank Jensen, proposes in the budget negotiations of the municipality of Copenhagen, to demand […]

Home Story: Meet the Tofts and their Honda Clarity


The Danish family Toft uses a FCEV for their daily life. Read more about their experience with this car: Residence: […]

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