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Hydrogen mobility from renewable energy – it is possible!


A reliable energy transition requires the implication of a range of scientific domains: physical, human, social, economic, as well as […]

Germany Opens its 60th Hydrogen Filling Station


In its Year-End Message, the Hydrogen Mobility Team announced that a new hydrogen station was recently openend in Munich making […]

Prolonged tax exemption for FCEVs in Denmark


The Hydrogen Community in Denmark is pleased about the prolonged and complete tax exemption for all Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles […]

Mariestad goes green


  The Swedish city of Mariestad goes green: Three Mirai will be used by the city employees as pool cars. […]

Hyundai Motor Group Reveals Hydrogen Plans


Hyundai Motor Group, which includes automotive brands Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation, announced its long-term roadmap ‘FCEV Vision […]

H2ME visit to the French zero emisson valley (Article from Le Dauphine Libere)


There is a lot of know-how about hydrogen in France. And the main actors can be found in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. There are the CEA, Michelin, […]

On hydrogen through Europe


What route will you drive in 24 hours? The 3rd European Hydrogen Challenge took place in September this year and showed the […]

Aberdeen H2ME hydrogen re-fuelling station opens to the public


Aberdeen’s innovation in hydrogen technology took another significant step forward when the city’s Kittybrewster re-fueling station officially opened to the […]

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