Status and advancements in the customer value proposition offered by the fuel cell vehicle technology


This report summarises the H2ME initiative learnings, and provides recommendations for projects looking to commercialise the technology.

  • Alongside deployment activities, H2ME is addressing several cross-cutting issues that affect the wider commercialisation of hydrogen transport. The learnings generated by the project are captured in reports which can be used by stakeholders within the hydrogen industry and related sectors to inform the development of their products and business plans, as well as by Member States, for the development of national hydrogen mobility rollout plans.
  • Better understanding customers’ expectations and experiences with regards to both vehicles and the associated
    infrastructure is vital to ensure that developments are made to help accelerate the deployment, uptake, and widespread
    acceptance, of hydrogen mobility.
  • Responses were collected between 2015 and 2023 during the course of the project. A final data collection exercise was
    conducted in January 2023 for the preparation of this report.
  • This report forms the final deliverable of a series (6 of 6) performing a critical assessment of the motivations, expectations, experiences, and future purchase intentions across different categories of vehicle user. It uses data from user surveys,
    alongside utilisation data gathered in the project, to provide an overview of the customer value proposition for Fuel Cell
    Vehicles (FCEVs).
  • This document will explore the conclusions drawn in previous reports in more detail, including examining any trends that have developed over time.

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