Report on commercial advancements in hydrogen fuel retailing


As well as deployment objectives, the H2ME project looks to make progress on several cross-cutting issues, analysing and summarising the learnings generated by the project into reports which can provide valuable material for Industry Members to develop their products and business plans, and Member States to develop national hydrogen mobility rollout plans.

This report forms an interim deliverable performing a critical assessment of the commercial issues relating to Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) and the sale of hydrogen as a fuel. Several topics fall under this broad subject area. This report will focus on three topics: availability, provision of real-time availability updates to vehicle users, and state of charge (i.e. the ability of stations to fully refuel to its design capacity). For each topic covered an overview of the current status is provided, followed by areas of progress to date, and concludes with next steps and priorities for further work.

The contents of this report is drawn predominantly from bilateral interviews with vehicle and HRS stakeholders, as well as workshop discussions held throughout the duration of the project. Future iterations of this document will build on the conclusions drawn in this report, as well as address additional topicssuch as hydrogen purity, accurate metering of hydrogen at the pump, different billing.

Find the full reports here:

H2ME2-D6.7 Commercial advancements in the hydrogen fuel retailing (report 1)

H2ME2-D6.8 Commercial advancements in the hydrogen fuel retailing (report 2)

H2ME2-D6.9 Commercial advancements in the hydrogen fuel retailing (report 3)

H2ME2-D6.10 Commercial advancements in the hydrogen fuel retailing (report 4 – final)

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