Report on commercial advancements in hydrogen fuel retailing


This report assesses the status and progress of commercial issues for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations under the Hydrogen Mobility Europe initiative

One of the key aims of the H2ME initiative is to analyse and summarise the findings and lessons learned as a result of the deployment activities during the project, in order to provide guidance for Member States and industry stakeholders in developing and implementing their own plans for hydrogen mobility.

Ensuring customers’ experiences match, if not exceed, that of the incumbent technology is critical for the success of new technologies. Despite improvements across a number of areas in HRS networks and hydrogen fuel retailing, various challenges still remain before the convenience of petrol/diesel refuelling is matched.

This report forms an interim deliverable (5 of 6 across H2ME and H2ME2) performing a critical assessment of the commercial issues relating to Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) and the sale of hydrogen as a fuel. This document builds on the previous iteration of this report, published in August 2020, and covers numerous topics, from siting and permitting to business cases. For each of these topics, the report provides an overview of the current status, areas of progress and best practices identified, and priorities for further work. One further update will be provided before the end of Hydrogen Mobility Europe in 2023.

The contents of this report is drawn predominantly from bilateral interviews with vehicle manufacturer (OEM) and HRS stakeholders, as well as workshop discussions held throughout the duration of the project.

The project partners have contributed to the deployment of over 179 public HRS and over 1,800 cars and vans in Europe to date. This report draws on the lessons learned as a result of these activities.

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