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Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH

Established in 1948, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., one of today’s leading manufacturers of automobiles, is committed to minimizing the impact of activities on resources and environment, via a wide range of efforts aimed at developing advanced environment-related technologies. Honda started fundamental fuel cell and hydrogen research in the mid-1980s, leading in 2002 to the 1st fuel cell vehicle in the world to be certified by Japanese and U.S authorities, with lease sales of the Honda FCX in Japan and the U.S. In 2008, Honda became the 1st automaker to begin lease sales of the FCX Clarity. The all-new CLARITY FUEL CELL, Honda’s 2nd sedan-type fuel cell vehicle presented October 2015 at the Tokyo Motorshow was developed based on data related to the ease of use and driving performance of these previous Honda FCVs. With the goal to make a contribution to the forthcoming hydrogen energy society and to realize the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life, Honda will continue taking on new challenges in the area of hydrogen technologies including the Smart Hydrogen Station, FCVs and external power feeding devices such as the “Powerexporter” under the concept of “generate, use and get connected.

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