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As part of its research and predevelopment work in the area of drive technology, the BMW Group has focused on the use of hydrogen as an energy source for more than 30 years now. In 2006 the first luxury sedan for everyday use to be powered by a hydrogen combustion engine was unveiled – the BMW Hydrogen 7. And more than 15 years ago the BMW Group also began to direct its spotlight onto hydrogen fuel cell drive systems. A constant stream of significant advances – in terms of energy efficiency, performance capability and everyday practicality – have been made with this technology.

The results of the research and development activities in the field of hydrogen fuel cell drive systems were presented in driving demonstrations for the first time during the BMW Group Innovation Days 2015. The demonstration vehicle, based on a BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, reveals a take on this form of propulsion in keeping with the brand’s profile and character. It combines locally emission-free mobility with sporting dynamics, excellent ride comfort and long-distance capability.

Our aim is to establish hydrogen fuel cell drive technology as an integral element of the BMW Group’s Efficient Dynamics strategy for the long term. This would create a drive system portfolio of the greatest possible variety, which can be adapted flexibly to different vehicle concepts, customer desires and legal requirements around the world.

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