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Founded in 1898, Renault designs vehicles and sell them in 125 countries with 117 000 employees and 36 factories worldwide. The company have sold 2.7 million vehicles in 2014.

To face the great challenges of tomorrow for sustainable mobility, Renault Group develops a strategy of international profitable growth in the scope of Alliance with Nissan and partners. Renault has developed a range of affordable Battery Electric Vehicle to develop the Zero Emission mobility.

Renault has a historical commitment to innovation for mobility and making life better.

Regarding Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies, Renault is involve since 1995 in continuous research projects : with Fever European project based on Laguna, then in 2000 on European H2 regulation with EIHP project. Then in 2008, Renault developed two Scenic with Nissan Fuel Cell technology to present to press in ECO² events. More recently in 2011, with the financial help of French Department Yvelines, we develop a Kangoo EV Range Extender Fuel Cell H2.

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