STEP 2016 Annual Conference

3/11/2016 to 3/11/2016

Edingburgh, UK

This event is in English

The Scottish Transport Emissions Partnership (STEP) brings together Environmental, Transportation, Health and Planning professionals to improve urban air quality. STEP is holding their 2016 Annual Conference in Verity House (COSLA), 19 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh, EH12 5BH on Thursday 3 November 2016.

Scotland’s national air quality strategy – Cleaner Air for Scotland (CAFS) – was launched at last year’s STEP conference, and there has been a great deal of activity behind the scenes, to help begin to deliver its aims and objectives. The morning session will provide an update on how this work is progressing, including the development of the CAFS technical frameworks the National Modelling Framework (NMF) and National Low Emission Framework (NLEF). There will be ample time to ask questions, and the CAFS leads will be available throughout the day.

STEP was created to identify examples of good practice and make others aware of these exciting developments, so the afternoon session will focus on key issues, interesting projects and new technologies that could help to deliver a more sustainable transport system for Scotland. The guest speakers will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that includes the all-electric park-and-ride in York, the hydrogen powered buses in Aberdeen and the use of wind turbines to generate hydrogen to power commercial vehicles.

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