H2ME at the 6th HFC Nordic Conference 2016

26/10/2016 to 27/10/2016

Sandviken, Sweden

This event is in English

HFC_5During the last few years a hydrogen and fuel cell Nordic conference has been held every other year. This year it was decided to host the event in Sandviken due to the involvement in H2ME and the opening of the hydrogen station there.
It was therefore a regional event for H2ME and the project was introduced by 5 different speakers, i.e. one presentation from each participating country in H2ME, i.e. Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. Icelandic New Energy then presented the overall H2ME effort in all of Europe. The goal was to provide all key Nordic stakeholders with an overview of all H2ME activities.HFC_8
The conference was well attended with around 150 people from all the Nordic countries. The activities within the Nordic countries are extensive at the moment, with H2ME being the largest overall activity. The message from the project was well received and the commitment of players in Sandviken is well beyond the H2ME activity i.e. already key stakeholders in Sandviken have bought 6 FCEVs which are not under the H2ME umbrella. The vehicles, owned by Sandvik Group and Sandvik Community, were part of a ride and drive during the event. This demonstrates that already the spin-off from the project is leading to investment in vehicles expanding the total impact of the project. The stakeholders in Sandviken also declared that they plan to increase these investments in the near future with more vehicles and possibly larger vehicles also, for example trucks and buses.


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