EIT Urban Mobility 2020 – Phd Innovation Excellence in Clean Energy Transition

10/11/2020 to 10/11/2020


This event is in English

Clean and efficient transportation is becoming both crucial and practical with every year passing. Electric vehicles are a primary direction to realize that, and powering them can be done using the new generation, (alkaline) anion-exchange membrane fuel cells. This project, including researchers and entrepreneurs from Switzerland, Finland, Germany and Israel, will focus on training a small, exclusive group of PhD students towards the innovative challenges in electrifying urban transportation with fuel cells, hence helping cities to mitigate pollution and enhance accessibility of this green technology.

Supplying technological Innovation training to a selected group of doctoral students researching fuel cells (FCs) will push entrepreneurship for clean-energy transportation. Powering city transportation with fuel cells – an electrochemical cell, just like batteries – will provide a clean means of transportation. Solving the technological challenges on the way to affordable FCs requires scientific knowledge, but also the innovative spirit to bring up new ideas, and the entrepreneurship know-how to make them happen.

Upcoming seminars:
10-12 November 2020 – EPFL Switzerland
7-9 December 2020 – Technion Israel

Read the programme flyer here.

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