5th HyVolution, France

11/05/2022 to 12/05/2022


This event is in French

HyVolution is a growing international hydrogen event in France for energy, industry and mobility.

Over two days more than 2000 international participants are expected: production, distribution, storage, services – every solution for all carbon-free hydrogen markets.

Two days of conferences around:

  • National and European market information through experience debriefs and round tables
  • Contracts and relations facilitated by free service for arranging appointments

HyVolution brings together all stakeholders involved, such as industrial partners, manufacturers, service providers, institutions and local authorities of the hydrogen market. They all come along to present their solutions to project coordinators. HyVolution will take place on 11 – 12 May, 2022 in the Paris Event Center (PEC) at Paris-La Villette.

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