First hydrogen filling station opened in Landshut


On 27 September, the official opening of the first H2 MOBILITY hydrogen station in the region of the Landshut district took place.

Manfred Singer, as the builder and owner of the filling station, was able to welcome numerous national and regional representatives from politics and business to this event, first and foremost the Deputy Bavarian Minister President and Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger, District Administrator Peter Dreier and Lord Mayor Alexander Putz. In his welcoming speech, Singer looked back at the history of the (hydrogen) filling station and thanked all the authorities, planners and construction companies involved in this showcase project.

Singer explained why this particular location had been chosen: The new filling station – which, in addition to hydrogen, naturally also offers all the conventional fuels and services of a modern filling station – is both easily accessible from the A92 motorway and can be quickly reached from Landshut city centre. “Why implement a hydrogen filling station?” continues Singer. New energies and increased environmental awareness call for preparing for the future in this area. The Landshut region is currently gearing up as the leading region in the use of hydrogen as an energy system integrator. The supply of hydrogen at filling stations thus contributes to climate protection and sustainability and will be as far as possible free of CO2 emissions.

The filling station was developed by the Manfred Singer group of companies in close coordination with H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, represented in this project by the co-partners OMV and Air Liquide, planned by the architectural office Mitschelen + Gerstl from Passau and realised within a short construction period of nine months. The “classic” filling station is operated by EG Deutschland Retail & Energy GmbH, the hydrogen filling station by H2 MOBILITY Deutschland.

There are currently almost 100 public hydrogen filling stations in Germany, with another nine under construction. In addition, there are private company refuelling stations, which are not open to the public, however, as they are used to supply internal company vehicle fleets.

In principle, hydrogen filling stations are offered by several plant manufacturers from the high-pressure technology sector. Currently the leading company is H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, based in Berlin.

When refuelling with hydrogen, you pay 12.85 euros for one kilogramme. Most fuel cell vehicles can cover a distance of about 100 km with it. As a rule, the hydrogen tank in passenger cars contains between 4 and 6.3 kg of hydrogen.



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