Everfuel launches plan for Holstebro hub to scale green hydrogen for industry and mobility


Herning, Denmark, 24 August 2022 – Everfuel A/S is pleased to announce its plan to build a hydrogen hub in Holstebro, Denmark, to support regional energy transition and accelerate scale-up of green hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel for industry and mobility. The hub will be developed in two phases in close collaboration with partners within industry and mobility, with the aim of establishing safe, reliable and efficient local supply of clean energy.

“The hub-concept represents a novel approach to scaling green hydrogen. It offers a strong value proposition for industry, the transport sector and municipalities, which is evident in the partner set up we can announce today,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO at Everfuel.

Everfuel, the local municipality and the other hub partners will work towards a greener Holstebro city by exploring the potential for using green hydrogen in industrial processes and in mobility. By realising all three phases, the hub will enable a significant reduction in the municipality’s CO2-emissions by feeding carbon-free hydrogen into a large share of the municipality’s activities. Today, Holstebro is the Danish municipality with the nation’s second highest onshore wind and solar power.

Source: Everfuel

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