Fuel cell technology shines sustainable light on the Eiffel Tower


  • Power provided by EODev GEH2 generator, featuring Toyota’s fuel cell technology
  • Green lighting symbolises the use of carbon free renewable hydrogen
  • Reinforces Toyota’s aim to support widespread fuel cell usage to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the growth of a hydrogen society

    Paris, 26 May – People passing the Eiffel Tower last night will have seen the iconic Parisian landmark sustainably illuminated in green, as part of the “Paris de l’hydrogène” event organised by Energy Observer1. The choice of green light symbolises the certified renewable hydrogen used to power the Toyota fuel cell inside the hydrogen GEH2® generator developed by EODev (Energy Observer Developments).

    Our solution brings the lighting of the Eiffel Tower into a new era of technological and sustainable progress. We believe this initiative will be followed by many others where future events can be celebrated with clean energy. We expect the most beautiful monuments in France and elsewhere will be illuminated thanks to sustainable energy solutions. Beyond their symbolic significance, these initiatives, such as EODev’s GEH2®, highlight zero-emission solutions that are already operational today

    Jérémie Lagarrigue, Managing Director, EODev.

    The GEH2® generator is also powering the Energy Observer village during its event at the base of the Eiffel Tower. Many companies which provide hydrogen energy and mobility solutions are presenting their vehicles and applications to demonstrate a sustainable and innovative perspective on the cities of tomorrow.

    Multiple applications using Toyota hydrogen fuel cell technology are also on display, including the new Mirai, a city bus produced by CaetanoBus and the REXH2® maritime range extender & the GEH2® generator developed with EODev. These products are all in the market today, providing real-world solutions and raising awareness amongst governments, industry, media, customers and the public.

    Hydrogen fuel cell technology will play a key role to enable Toyota to reach its goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050. This commitment was made back in 2015 when we announced our 2050 Environmental Challenge and launched Mirai – the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle.

    We also believe fuel cell technology will play a vital role in achieving carbon neutrality across the global transportation ecosystem – not just in the automotive sector but also across the bus, truck, rail, aviation, maritime and stationary power sectors

    Matt Harrison, President & CEO of Toyota Motor Europe

    As the Official Mobility Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Paris has a special significance for Toyota. During the Games, Toyota will provide zero-emission vehicles and advanced mobility products to highlight its commitment to zero-emission mobility solutions and “Mobility for All”.

    (1) The event « Le Paris de l’hydrogène» is organized by Energy Observer with the support of the City of Paris. Energy Observer is originally the name of the first autonomous hydrogen and zero emissions ship, both advocacy and energy transition laboratory. During this event, which takes place on the Champ-de-Mars from 20 to 30 May 2021, Energy Observer presents its brand-new exhibition village, dedicated to ecological transition, renewable energy and hydrogen. Many energy players and hydrogen mobility solutions are exhibiting their vehicles and systems to offer a positive, optimistic and innovative perspective on the cities of tomorrow. During this event, the Eiffel Tower was illuminated for the first time with certified renewable hydrogen by the zero-emission electro-hydrogen generator developed by EODev, the start-up company born from the research and development carried out aboard the Energy Observer boat.

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