Hydrogen Electric Trucks: Symbio Unveils Multi-Stack System at Auto Shanghai


After a successful experience on the light utility vehicles market, Symbio is now using its hydrogen system technology and its evolving market-ready product strategy once again as it unveils a new multi-stack system at Auto Shanghai (19th-28th April 2021). This compact, high-performing solution is suitable for all truck formats, including 44-tonne vehicles, and comes with a host of services to meet the specific needs of the goods transport market.

Hydrogen is Key to Reducing Goods Transport Carbon Emissions. Alongside the solutions for light goods vehicles and buses it has already rolled out, heavy-duty trucks are a priority for Symbio. Hydrogen is an integral part of their energy transition due to the loads they transport and the long distances they have to cover. Hydrogen trucks are expected to represent a third of the European1 and Chinese markets by 2030. Bolstered by its experience – with the vehicles it has fitted out having clocked up more than 4,000,000 km – Symbio is offering a first peek at multi-stack system at Auto Shanghai 2021.

An Optimised Modular System for heavy-duty trucks. Symbio’s multi-stack system fits all trucks formats, including 44-tonnes, and come in 150 kW, 225 kW (3 x 75kW) and 300 kW (2 x 150 kW) versions. It offers the best available compromise between performance and durability thanks to various functions being optimised, such as low pressure and losses, controlled hydrogen recirculation and operating temperatures compatible with cooling requirements of heavy-duty trucks. The system is particularly attractive for use in heavy-duty trucks due to its compact size, owing to a specific redesign of the bipolar plates and streamlined fluidic circuits.

A Full Range to Meet the Market’s Needs. Symbio’s product launch reiterates the relevance of its product strategy to the market’s specific needs, especially in China, and its mastery of all things high powered, as shown by it fitting out the LMPH2G racing car that will run the Le Mans 24-hour race in 2024. The expansion of the Symbio product range comes in the wake of its announcements of partnership deals on light goods vehicles with
Stellantis and on buses with Safra.

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