Digital roundtable on hydrogen mobility brings together leading MEPs, government representatives and hydrogen experts


A high-level roundtable on hydrogen mobility took place on Tuesday 17th November, bringing together MEPs, government representatives and experts on hydrogen to discuss the contribution of hydrogen to the European Green Deal objective of carbon neutrality by 2050.

MEPs and representatives from the European Commission struck a positive tone on the role hydrogen has to play as an enabler of both transport decarbonisation and a renewably-powered society, and stressed its convenience and flexibility of use. Additionally, participants commented on how they expected hydrogen technology development to foster European industry competitiveness and secure future-oriented jobs, as well as to retain employment across Europe. All speakers noted that a robust European legislative and financial framework (e.g. CEF blending) will need to be established to allow hydrogen mobility technology to be rapidly scaled across Europe in the coming years so it can fulfil its potential.

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