Hydrogen refuelling now available in Meerane, Germany


Drivers of fuel-cell vehicles can refuel at an ever-increasing number of filling stations_ H2 MOBILITY Deutschland and its partners Shell and Linde have jointly opened the first hydrogen (H2) station in Meerane in the Zwickau district of Saxony. FES GmbH Fahrzeug-Entwicklung Sachsen significantly contributed to the construction of this station. A trial operation lasting several weeks has just been successfully completed.

The network of hydrogen filling stations is ever-expanding. In Germany, there are already 86 H2 filling stations, 34 of them at Shell locations. The expansion will be continued according to demand and is focused on the Thine/Rhur and Thine/Main metropolitan regions, as well as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and the key connecting roads.

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Thumbnail picture from Shell.

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