Hydrogen Helps Keep Key Workers Moving and City Air Clean


ITM Power, the clean fuel and energy storage company, is proud to be continuing to play a part in the support of key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. These customers include the FCEV Metropolitan Police vehicles used for policing activities in London and Green Tomato Cars, who are helping to get key workers where they need to be. Both the MET Police and Green Tomato Car drivers are continuing to use the Company’s hydrogen refuelling stations in and around the London area in Teddington, Cobham on the M25, Beaconsfield on the M40 and Rainham. Each three minute car refuel provides a range of up to 400 miles.

ITM Power electrolysers generate hydrogen fuel on-site, using renewable electricity and water with the fuel dispensed at the station where it is generated. This means a zero carbon footprint and no use of further transport infrastructure which is under pressure in the current situation. An additional benefit of hydrogen is its role in supporting the drive for cleaner air, especially important in high population cities. When hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles are driven, the only emission is water vapour.

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power, said: “We should all recognise the contribution made by the UK’s key workers who are keeping the country running in these difficult times. Keeping our hydrogen refuelling stations open means that we can play our part in helping them continue to work, for the benefit of all UK citizens.”

Jiggs Bharij, Head of Fleet Services, Metropolitan Police, added: “Fulfilling our duties during the coronavirus lockdown does not mean that we should abandon our commitments to lowering carbon emissions. We salute all those key workers who are keeping us all going.”

Jonny Goldstone, Founder, Green Tomato Cars, said: “Thanks to the reliability and range of our zero emission fleet of fuel cell electric vehicles, we can get people where they need to be to keep us all safe and well, and, at the same time, help provide London with cleaner air to breathe. And we couldn’t be more proud of all our drivers, who are going the extra mile every single day as part of the capital’s efforts against Covid-19 – we normally call them our Zero Emission Heroes, but now they’re being doubly heroic!”

Jon Hunt, Manager Alternative Fuels, Toyota GB, said: “We are delighted that ITM Power has taken the decision to keep its refuelling infrastructure operational during this important time allowing the emergency services and other UK key workers to continue to use the zero emission Toyota Mirai in confidence despite the difficult circumstances.”

Sylvie Childs, Nexo Product Manager, Hyundai Motor UK, said: “In these difficult times, it is our responsibility to do what we can to support our key workforce. This move by ITM ensures that zero emission hydrogen cars can continue to operate as normal ensuring key workers mobility and additional improvements in air quality.”

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