Germany: H2 MOBILITY targets 400 hydrogen fueling stations by 2023


H2 MOBILITY plans to construct and operate up to 400 hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany by 2023. The company will be presenting its products for the first time at UNITI expo 2016, which takes place next month in Stuttgart.

With many countries around the world investing in green initiatives, hydrogen has become an increasingly popular alternative due to its emission-free character. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles produce neither climate-damaging CO2 nor nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are known to damage the environment and be harmful to human health nor particulate matter, according to H2 MOBILITY.

At a pressure of 700 bar, it takes about three minutes to fill a hydrogen tank. Hydrogen stations can be delivered as turn-key units and integrated into conventional filling stations.

“Hydrogen technology has made impressive progress in recent years. Both the individual technical components and the complete stations are suited to everyday use and can be integrated in the operations of the service station,” says Nikolas lwan, Managing Director of H2 MOBILITY.

By 2023 the company plans to install up to 400 hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany, establishing a nationwide supply network that will push forward the development of the sector. If the company was to reach those numbers, it would signify the world’s largest network of hydrogen stations.

“Germany is a trailblazer in the field of hydrogen infrastructure, but other countries too, including the UK, France, the Scandinavian states and the U.S., are stepping up their engagement,” explains Iwan.

Regardless of the number of fuel cell vehicles on German soil, H2MOBILITY will be setting up and operating up to 100 hydrogen refuelling stations in the urban centres of Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, the Rhine-Ruhr area and Stuttgart. Many more stations will connected those cities through the main roads.

H2MOBILITY will be responsible for all aspects of the planning and operations, including the design of the service stations network and the establishment and operation, including payment systems and knowledge management.

At UNITI expo 2016, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting its hydrogen fuel for the first time, along with service station technology for deliveries, storage, refuelling, and payment. The company will also be looking for interested professionals who would like to join their team.

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