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Aberdeen H2ME hydrogen re-fuelling station opens to the public


Aberdeen’s innovation in hydrogen technology took another significant step forward when the city’s Kittybrewster re-fueling station officially opened to the […]

Swedish taxi company drives H2ME Toyota Mirai


For the first time, Toyota Mirai taxicab has arrived in Sweden. Toyota has delivered two H2ME funded fuel cell cars to the […]

‘The Netherlands’ hydrogen ambassador in Denmark


We often speak about how hydrogen needs more ambassadors to spread knowledge about the possibilities with hydrogen in the green […]

First fully integrated HRS opened near Brussels


The H2ME project partner WaterstofNet was able to drive and test the new Hyundai Nexo in Arnhem on the occasion […]

How to order a hydrogen taxi in Copenhagen


A new app has landed. It’s called DRIVR and allows private persons to book a hydrogen-powered taxi in the city […]

New Danish Climate Plan: Sale of fossil fuelled cars will stop


On Monday October 9th, the Danish government has announced its new climate and air plan, called ‘Together for a greener […]

H2ME partner WaterstofNet announces 8 new hydrogen refuelling stations in the Benelux


A consortium consisting of the H2ME partner WaterstofNet as coordinator and Colruyt Group, PitPoint, Shell and Rijkswaterstaat as partners joins […]

Danish politicians focus on hydrogen cars


The popular Danish television program ”Langt fra Borgen”, which is a news program focusing on political issues, from the Danish […]

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