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Mercedes GLC F-Cell has been handed over to German customers


Several of the newly released Mercedes GLC F-Cell have been handed over to German customers lately. Amongst them is Hamburg’s […]

The eco-balance of the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL


The fuel cell plug-in hybrid Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL (combined hydrogen consumption: 0.34 kg/100 km, combined CO₂ emissions: 0 g/km, combined […]

Hydrogen cars: a greener future for London? (BBC feature)


With the UK capital’s roads regularly clogged with traffic, it’s no surprise that for ten years running our annual pollution […]

Faurecia and Michelin to develop hydrogen fuel cell systems for cars and trucks


Michelin and automotive technology firm Faurecia are creating a joint venture to develop, produce and market hydrogen fuel cell systems […]

Hydrogen commitment: Paris to have 600 Hype hydrogen taxis by the end of 2020


Air Liquide, Idex, Société du Taxi Électrique Parisien (STEP), and Toyota are teaming up with a joint-venture called HysetCo, the […]

The first H2ME funded hydrogen car arrives to Iceland (article on


Currently the first H2ME funded hydrogen car, which is a Hyundai Nexo, arrived to Iceland. It appears that Hyundai has achieved […]

Imperial College Receives Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Car to Support Hydrogen Power Research


The car, which has been acquired with support from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) […]

Sign up for the 24h Hydrogen Challenge 2019 now!


The 24h Hydrogen Challenge 2019 is open for registration now. In September 2017 the first Hydrogen Challenge took place. The […]

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