The first H2ME funded hydrogen car arrives to Iceland (article on


Currently the first H2ME funded hydrogen car, which is a Hyundai Nexo, arrivedĀ to Iceland. It appears that Hyundai has achieved a great deal of hydrogen technology in this environmentally friendly car. There are not many of the hydrogen cars yet, but if this car gives the tone, they truly have the future.

The energy source is hydrogen that is in contact with oxygen and from the power supply that brings the electric motors. What comes out of the car is water and oxygen and that in its cleanest form.

There are not many car manufacturers who contributed a great deal to hydrogen cars to date, but even remain Hyundai and Toyota with their fine Mirai car. Both of these producers seem to be very serious compared to the financial resources they have contributed in their development, as well as those cars that have been seen as the day. And both vehicles are funded by H2ME…

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