Prolonged tax exemption for FCEVs in Denmark


The Hydrogen Community in Denmark is pleased about the prolonged and complete tax exemption for all Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) in Denmark until 2022. Though it is regrettable that the Danish Parliament could not agree on a wider range of initiatives regarding green transport, the prolonged tax exemption as adopted by Parliament is an important step forward, especially in connection with the continued European efforts for more green cars, and a full decarbonization.

Tejs Laustsen Jensen, CEO of Hydrogen Denmark: “We need to push forward with hydrogen technology in the transport sector and the tax exemption is essential if we are to succeed. Over the past few years we have improved and extended the hydrogen infrastructure and technology in Denmark, amongst others with the support of the EU-project H2ME2. We would have welcomed further initiatives, with regards to busses, trucks, shipping etc., but acknowledge that this was not possible at this point. It now must be a top priority for the new parliament, when it gathers later in 2019 after the upcoming elections”.

FCEVs running on hydrogen only emits water and no CO2. It takes just five minutes to refuel a hydrogen car which will then have a range of 600 kilometer. This make hydrogen fueled cars reliable transport solutions for both short and long distances.

“FCEVs should be considered an important piece in the puzzle to include more renewable energy in the transport sector,” the Hydrogen Denmark CEO says, “but we are not there yet, the industry still needs favorable conditions to keep developing itself and to be able to accelerate the commercial breakthrough for fuel cell vehicles. With the prolonged tax exemption, and the continued backing of the EU, the FCH-JU and the H2ME-2 project, the Danish industry has been given an opportunity to continue working on extending the refueling network and to bring more FCEVs on the road.”

This point is corroborated by Executive Director at the FCH JU, Bart Biebuyck: “Europe has set great CO2-reduction targets for its transport sector with the final goal of full decarbonization. FCEVs will play a great role in this process but there is still need for further governmental support for mass-scale deployment. It is with great joy that we receive this decision from the Danish government to continue the tax exemption for all FCEVs in Denmark. This measure, together with the important infrastructure development in the country and projects like H2ME, will surely enable the uptake of FCEV deployment in the next years”

Denmark is a frontrunner when it comes to implementing hydrogen solutions in transport, with cars from Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda on the market and with 10 refueling stations in operation across the country.

Both hydrogen infrastructure and FCEVs have received funding from the EU-project H2ME2. This is to secure that the Danish refueling infrastructure is not only of national importance, but also can function as an essential part of the trans-European mobility network for FCEVs.

For further comments please contact:
CEO of Hydrogen Denmark, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, +45 26 23 94 43.

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