Aberdeen H2ME hydrogen re-fuelling station opens to the public


Aberdeen’s innovation in hydrogen technology took another significant step forward when the city’s Kittybrewster re-fueling station officially opened to the public.

BOC and hydrogen partners Aberdeen City Council, Toyota, and Hyundai hosted a special event to mark the milestone and showcase hydrogen opportunities.

Originally opened in 2015 to fuel the hydrogen buses in operation across the city as part of the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project, the station is now capable of re-fuelling the city’s hydrogen cars and vans. The station has been upgraded to allow 700 bar re-fuelling for cars as well as 350 bar pressure for vans, trucks and buses.

A range of 37 hydrogen vehicles – including buses, cars, vans and trucks – are currently being trialled by various partners across the city. This is set to increase to over 60 vehicles by the end of 2019, including 10 new buses.

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