New Danish Climate Plan: Sale of fossil fuelled cars will stop


On Monday October 9th, the Danish government has announced its new climate and air plan, called ‘Together for a greener future’ (‘Sammen om et grønnere Danmark’).

Hydrogen Denmark is generally positive about the initiatives that the government proposes to make Denmark a greener country. Hydrogen Denmark’s CEO, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, says: ‘There are many good proposals in the plan. We are especially pleased with the proposals related to buses and taxis, and the proposed tax redemptions on registering fees for green company cars. Due to the economic stagnation that we have witnessed the last couple of years, we have not had the possibility to scale up on hydrogen technologies, but the climate plan will change this.’

One of the initiatives that is especially striking, is the proposed ban on the sale of fossil fuelled cars in Denmark from 2030. If the government has its way, it will be no longer possible to buy newly produced diesel and gasoline powered cars from 2030 for private persons. This means that all newly sold cars in 2030 either must be hybrid or powered by electricity or hydrogen.

Laustsen Jensen: ‘It is admirable that the government is trying to do something about private passenger cars. However, we would have loved to see more focus green solutions for heavy transport. It’s a missed chance.’

Hydrogen Denmark is also rather disappointed that the climate and air plan doesn’t accommodate a more technology-neutral approach when it comes to infrastructure for zero- emission cars: ‘In general terms we can only applaud the fact that the government is looking into extending the network of charging points for battery-driven cars. However, on long distances we need other solutions, and we find it very strange that the government is not advocating for a technology neutral approach. Not only do we need more charging stations, we also need more hydrogen refueling stations to establish an extensive network that can accommodate the 1 million green cars, that, according to the government, should drive on the Danish high ways in the future.’

Key initiatives in the climate and air proposal:
• Phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030.
• Zero carbon emissions and zero air pollution from busses in Denmark’s cities by 2030.
• A climate- and environmentally-efficient agricultural sector, with a strong focus on research.
• Clean air in big cities through stricter environmental zones.
• Lower emissions from industry and housing.
• Behavioral campaign with climate labelling.
• Research efforts to develop carbon capture and storage technologies for use in Denmark’s fields and forests.

Source: Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate,

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