Copenhagen puts FCVs on the agenda


The lord mayor of Copenhagen, Mr. Frank Jensen, proposes in the budget negotiations of the municipality of Copenhagen, to demand that all goods delivered to the municipality must be delivered by zero emission vehicles. The proposition can become a big step forward for FCVs, as the municipality of Copenhagen buys goods and services for 1,64 billion euros a year.

The lord mayor’s proposition is one of five propositions to make the air quality in Copenhagen better. Among the other propositions are a suggestion that will make all city busses emission free by 2025, which presents a big opportunity to introduce hydrogen powered busses as seen in cities like London, Hamburg and Bolzano.

The ambition to use zero emission vehicles is not new for the municipality of Copenhagen as all new vehicles owned or operated by the municipality of Copenhagen must be zero emission vehicles. The current fleet includes a small number of FCVs which are partly financed through H2ME2. Two of these FCVs are used as service cars for two of the mayors in the municipality of Copenhagen.

In an interview with the Danish newspaper Berlingske, the lord mayor expresses that the demand for emission free vehicles from the suppliers to the municipality of Copenhagen is a logical next step as the municipality of Copenhagen has already done its part to secure a better air quality for its inhabitants.
During the same interview with Berlingske the lord mayor calls for more political leadership in the municipality of Copenhagen to keep the position as a international beacon for green development and sustainability. According to the lord mayor, initiatives like the five suggestions will be an important step.
Hydrogen Denmark is very satisfied with the ambitions presented by the lord mayor to use more zero emission vehicles in Copenhagen. It represents a big opportunity to implement FCVs and hydrogen powered busses in the Danish streets. The municipality of Copenhagen do already work to together with hydrogen Denmark as both organizations are partners in H2ME2.

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