The Golden Circle on hydrogen


On June 15th 2018, two hydrogen refueling stations were opened on Iceland. CEO Jacob Krogsgaard from Nel Hydrogen took the opportunity to discover Iceland driving on hydrogen while participating in the opening ceremony.

The recent hydrogen refueling stations built in Iceland were produced by Nel Hydrogen at their factory in Herning, Denmark. CEO for Nel Hydrogen, Jacob Krogsgaard, is happy to have delivered the two stations: ‘If we want to make green hydrogen a success, it is important to think in networks. We are therefore very pleased to have contributed to Iceland’s green infrastructure by producing the stations together with our Icelandic partner Skeljungur.’

After the opening of the refueling stations, Jacob Krogsgaard was the first to drive Iceland’s famous route, the Golden Circle, in a hydrogen fueled car. He says: ‘It was a fantastic experience to explore Iceland without polluting. We drove the 422 kilometer long route without refueling. Not only is the Icelandic nature spectacular in itself, it is also great to drive past the geothermal power plant that produces the very hydrogen, that will be delivered to the refueling stations.’

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