Hydrogen Mobility in Europe: Danish User Experience Report


Hydrogen Denmark has just finalized a report on user experiences from driving on hydrogen in Denmark. Denmark is on the forefront of FCEV opportunities with cars from Hyundai, Toyota and Honda on the market and with 10 refueling stations in operation. The report is the first of its kind focusing on the user experiences from driving and refueling in Denmark. And the result is clear: there is a big satisfaction among the drivers of fuel cell electric vehicles in Denmark. All users alike highlight the driving range, the green profile and the silence as key forces of the FCEV. Of course, there are some issues being a ‘first mover’ as well, and the main obstacle faced by the users are the vulnerability of station breakdowns. Even though Denmark has a relatively high number of stations with a high performance and reliability rate you need to plan your route in another way than with a conventional car and you are more vulnerable to maintenance etc.

Awareness raising at the People’s Political Festival in Bornholm
Hydrogen Denmark just participated in this year’s People’s Political Festival on the Danish island of Bornholm and was the organizer and co-organizer of four events. One of these events focused on the results from the report. It consisted of two parts, first of which was a discussion of experiences by FCEV-drivers and the second part was a debate among industry-representatives about the prospects and perspectives for the hydrogen-based technology and industry in Denmark. The event was moderated by household-name and long-term TV-meteorologist as well as public climate debater, Jesper Theilgaard. In the panels were among others the CEO of Hydrogen Denmark, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, Nikolaj Bruun from Nel Hydrogen, Martin Grandal from Toyota Denmark and Mayor for Social Services in Copenhagen, Mia Nyegaard. Mayor Mia Nyegaard has chosen a FCEV as her primary means of transportation in in her official capacities as mayor. The Municipality of Copenhagen has participated in the H2ME-2-project for the past two years and it is through this project the municipality has increased its fleet of FCEVs. Mayor Nyegaard was very excited to take over the car when it was handed over officially by Hyundai Denmark and Hydrogen Denmark on May 22nd of this year. She has been using this car for some time now and when asked how she experienced driving a FCEV, she responded: “Well, it has four wheels and a steering wheel so in that sense its just like driving a regular car – only much nicer!”

This point seems generally agreed upon by both the participants in the panel as well as in the report. The report deals with both people who use a FCEV privately and professionally. The largest group of FCEV-users in Denmark are public institutions who have chosen their dependency on transportation as a key area in their efforts to become more sustainable and less dependent on fossil fuels. There is an increasing problem with air pollution in cities around the world and FCEVs can be a contributing factor in the efforts against this, not only by an immediate cut-down of CO2-emissions by exchanging a conventional car with a FCEV but also by the air-cleaning qualities of certain FCEVs. Mayor Nyegaard made a strong case for the continual usage and investments in FCEVs by the Municipality of Copenhagen to combat the air-pollution and climate strain caused by conventional cars. She also sees it as a public responsibility to utilize green alternatives where possible and to send a strong signal to the rest of the world that facilitating the green transition and combating climate change is a matter of public interest.

The report (IN DANISH) is available for online viewing and download here:

User Experience rapport offentliggjort

User Experience rapport offentliggjort

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