Two new HRS open to the public in Iceland now


On Friday the 15th of June, Orkan opened two H2ME funded hydrogen refuelling stations in Iceland. One of the fuelling stations is located on Vesturlandsvegur in Reykjavik, while the other one is at Fitjar in Reykjanesbær. The third fuelling station will be opened in the beginning of next year.

Hydrogen production and its use is the key to Iceland´s energy sustainability. Hydrogen is the only energy source that can be produced domestically in sufficient quantities to sustain the national vehicle fleet, alongside the electric car implementation. The increased global emphasis on renewable energy sources such as wind, water and solar energy has eluded no one. Production time and capacity of these energy sources cannot be fully managed and the energy production rarely corresponds entirely with the energy demand. This creates an immense need for energy storage. Specialists in the field have concluded that the most effective way for energy storage is to use hydrogen as an energy carrier. Hydrogen thusly creates an opportunity to utilize otherwise wasted energy and optimize the use of sustainable energy sources.

In Iceland there are exceptional resources in electrical energy production and great opportunities to convert electricity to hydrogen. Therefore the country is well equipped to build enough supplies to power the national car fleet. By emphasizing the hydrogen implementation of the car fleet, the speed and burden of building an electrical infrastructure which accompanies electrical car implementation, can be reduced. Using the combination of hydrogen and electricity as an energy source will support the goal of making Iceland fossil fuel-free in the future.

Orka Náttúrunar (ON Power), a company that has been in the forefront in the development of electrical vehicle infrastructure, will produce the hydrogen provided by Orkan at its geothermal power plant at Hellisheiði.

Read more:  20180625 Press Release – Orkan opens hydrogen fuelling stations.

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