Hyundai NEXO raises awareness of hydrogen for transport in Denmark


Even though the new FCEV Hyundai NEXO is South Korean, the name is inspired from the Danish city of Nexø located at the isle of Bornholm. “We are very honored that Hyundai has found inspiration in Denmark and we will definitely use this as a leverage to raise public awareness of hydrogen for transport. We hope this will push forward the deployment of FCEVs in Denmark”, says CEO from Hydrogen Denmark Tejs Laustsen Jensen.

During the opening of the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea Hyundai NEXO was introduced to an international audience. Partner in the H2ME-project, Hydrogen Denmark, was invited to test the new generation of FCEVs which made CEO of Hydrogen Denmark, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, the first Dane to drive a NEXO.

Denmark has a special connection with Hyundai and was also the launch customer of the first-generation FCEV from Hyundai. Copenhagen Municipality, also partner in the H2ME-project, currently have 19 Hyundai iX35 in their fleet. “Hopefully the new NEXO will come to Denmark soon. We would very much like to bring the NEXO to Nexø”, Tejs Laustsen Jensen says.

Hydrogen Denmark hope to be able to showcase the car on Bornholm during the Political Festival this summer, where they will be hosting a H2ME-event focusing on user experiences from driving on hydrogen.

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