Opening of new hydrogen station at Paris Orly airport: a step towards cleaner transport


On 7 December 2017, a brand new station was opened at Paris-Orly airport, thanks to the support of the FCH JU. Air Liquide and Groupe ADP inaugurated this new station which is launching a new clean mobility option in the Greater Paris Area.

This is the first public hydrogen station in the Paris-Orly airport area. Built by Air Liquide with the support of FCH JU, the station will facilitate the deployment of Paris hydrogen taxi fleet Hype, the first of its kind in the world, which also flourishes thanks to the support of FCH JU. The new station will contribute to the development of a network of hydrogen stations in the Paris region and enable the adoption of clean modes of transport.

The station was developed under the FCH JU project H2ME. The project, which started in 2015, aims to deploy hydrogen cars and vans in Europe, bringing manufacturers, industry and users together around the same objective. For the first time in Europe, a project enabled the merging of national initiatives at European scale (the so-called H2 mobility Europe), boosting strategic deployment process. The FCH JU transport projects currently help deploying more than 1300 cars and 90 hydrogen stations in Europe, among other applications.

The event was held in presence of FCH JU Head of Unit Mirela Atanasiu, Benoit Potier (AirLiquide), Augustin Romanet (Groupe ADP) and Mathieu Gardies (STEP).

In her speech, M. Atanasiu said: “Thanks to projects of this magnitude, we are proud to see a European industry field that grows every day, enhanced by young and innovative companies joining the field increasingly.” She further highlighted the Hype taxi, which also grew thanks to the support of the FCH JU and the collaboration with STEP. The Hype taxi fleet currently counts 50 hydrogen vehicles and plans to increase the number to 600 by 2020.

Read the full press release here.

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